Crediblock Venture Capital provides capital to seed and growth companies, and the hands on technology to help you grow. Companies ultimately need to hire or outsource functions like I.T., development, internet marketing, branding, sales (intelligence), and other key functions. We can also play a 2nd set of eyes on your core technology whether that means code inspection, auditing, or scientific analysis.  Never heard of LLC?  Checkout our website.

Our investment thesis is based on needs, not wants. We’re looking for economic sustainability – a business that can grow regardless of the economic environment. You can live without Facebook, but you can’t live without electricity or food. Technology is disrupting the world, and there are many needs to solve from the most basic to the most complex. US Agriculture is based on industrial petrochemicals that require an increasing quantity every year to achieve diminishing returns. Economically sustainable solutions are going to be the future of how the world is designed and run, whether you agree or not. In other words, we are betting on Gravity, and basic laws of Science. This reduces portfolio tail risk as well as will provide exposure to the one in a million solution that will go viral and become ubiquitous, such as the home Personal Computer (PC).

What VC can provide as part of our accelerator program:

Staffing – With LLC’s Chief Recruiting Officer – outsource the recruiting needs to find key people such as CFO, CEO, Engineers, Developers, HR, Marketing, Operations, Technical, and other key needs.

Strategic Investors – Crediblock VC will introduce the startup to key strategic co-investors who will put the company on the map.

Information Technology & Enterprise Resource Management – Any organization is going to have an IT/ERP footprint that needs to be managed from the ground up.

Development – Whether you are developing an app or not, custom technical solutions will drive growth, including the boring stuff that investors like to see like metrics, scalability, and other data.

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Get funding for your disruptive company, no matter what the stage

Crediblock Venture Capital

Venture Capital 

Venture Capital means high risk taking, such as what financed the voyage to discover the Americas 500 years ago.

Fin Tech

Financial Technology (FinTech) can drive new companies to exploit their verticals, from development of custom apps to making their own Blockchain.

Paradigm Shift

When you combine these 2 things, you get real Paradigm Shift, such as we had with the Microprocessor, the Internet, or Social Media.

Venture Capital + FinTech = Paradigm Shift Technologies

When you are building a machine, whether it’s in healthcare, defense, biotech, or FinTech – plugging  in to the system of growth allows you to really take off above the projections.

Act like a public company

Get the consulting you need in order to behave like a public company.  That’s going to attract more capital and more respectable clients.

Internal Controls Consulting

Take control of your internal controls, including finances, accounting, policies, insurance, cybersecurity, and more.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a very obtuse business.  Without the right consultant aligned with your interests it can be a money pit.  With the right tools, optimization, and support it can be a honey pot.