Crediblock Venture Capital provides capital to seed and growth companies, and the hands on technology to help you grow.  Companies ultimately need to hire or outsource functions like I.T., development, internet marketing, branding, sales (intelligence), and other key functions.  We can also play a 2nd set of eyes on your core technology whether that means code inspection, auditing, or scientific analysis.

Our investment thesis is based on needs, not wants.  We’re looking for economic sustainability – a business that can grow regardless of the economic environment.  You can live without Facebook, but you can’t live without electricity or food.  Technology is disrupting the world, and there are many needs to solve from the most basic to the most complex.  US Agriculture is based on industrial petrochemicals that require an increasing quantity every year to achieve diminishing returns.  Economically sustainable solutions are going to be the future of how the world is designed and run, whether you agree or not.  In other words, we are betting on Gravity, and basic laws of Science.  This reduces portfolio tail risk as well as will provide exposure to the one in a million solution that will go viral and become ubiquitous, such as the home Personal Computer (PC).   

Venture Capital + FinTech = Paradigm Shift Technologies

To learn more, see our pitch deck, please contact us.

Investing in paradigm shift


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Francis Colt DeWolf III is an experienced investment banker from the Metro DC area, who has worked for Prudential Securities, Wachovia Securities, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. and others.

Francis Colt DeWolf IV “Colt” is an undergraduate student at MIT with experience in Startups and Venture Capital.  He founded and exited a successful software startup company in the Boston area.

Oleg is our Chief Programmer, with experience in Python, PHP, Joomla modifications, C++ and more.