We are entrepreneurs and investors.

We are a diverse group of professionals from the fields of law, finance, technology, brokerage, and private equity.


We came to Charlotte, NC to open an office in February of 2020 just before the lockdowns. We are based in Charlotte, San Diego, Boca Raton, New York City, San Francisco, St. Petersburg (Florida), London, Hong Kong, Ft. Worth (Texas), and Atlanta.


Traditional markets simply don’t have the disruptive innovation, that mostly happens in R&D labs or the early stage. IBM didn’t invent Microsoft, and Microsoft didn’t invent Google, and Google didn’t invent Facebook, et cetera.

The next big paradigm shift is going to come from unknown places, blue oceans. Blue Oceans are new markets created by disruption, as described in this book: Blue Ocean Strategy.

The way to create paradigm shift, as described in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, is to fund, build, and grow disruptive technologies. Technology isn’t necessarily computing, it can take many forms. Technology can be information, it can be intellectual property, it can be an idea.


We found and fund seed to Series A companies. We augment that with our own technology, or build technology to help a portfolio company grow. We have access to founders, insiders, and entrepreneurs through our business network. Also we look at big data and analyze company data to determine optimal participation.