Our belief is that the banking system is akin to the Dinosaurs – they are slow, big, and eat 10 tons of leaves a day. Disruptive companies like Chime, MoneyLion, TransferWise, Revolut, Coinbase, and others – are going to transform the way the financial system works.


We are made up of DNA, something we are only beginning to understand. When we break down matter into nanoparticles, healthcare is not so different than genetics. If you are what you eat, is healthy food medicine? Genetic science, genetic engineering, food systems, healthcare, and manufacturing alternatives such as 3d printing, including transportation systems, are going to rebuild the world.

Growth B2B

The business community is a complex system. How the economy interacts is subject to explosive trends, such as the internet, social media, cryptocurrency, ride sharing apps, and the convenience culture. We see growth in alternative advertising systems such as Wrapify, StickerRide, etc.